Issac Atlas


GBF picSFC(R) Issac “Ike” Atlas grew up in a rural area of Arkansas, and quickly became an avid outdoorsman.  He joined the military in the Spring of ’94 as a Combat Engineer. After nine years of service and directly after the events of 9/11, Ike volunteered for Special Forces Selection and Assessment. Once selected, he became a Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D).

While in the Special Forces, Ike had several deployments including a trip to Iraq and two in Afghanistan.  Ike was instrumental in helping train the first Afghan Special Forces Unit called the Commando’s, and then brought the new Unit to Jordan to be trained as instructors for new recruits.  Ike had other deployments and training missions, throughout his career as well.

In 2008, Ike moved to a team within USSOCOM that aided in security assessments and advisement to many of our nation’s critical infrastructure and strategic assets across the globe.  Ike now works as the Director of Security Services for vScenario (, and utilizes his specialized training in physical security to help protect assets for Power Generation and Utility companies throughout the United States, ultimately securing America’s power grids.

Ike is a proud father of three children; Sydney Belle (19), Hunter Gage (17), and Dimitry Mark (3). He is also the proud husband to his beautiful wife, and Steel Mag, Alesya.  Ike is passionate about the security of our country and continues to help top-tier, strategic organizations meet their security objectives.