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“Value the Sacrifice and Contribute to the Healing”

Welcome to the 4th Annual Cincinnati
Green Beret Classic
’s Webpage

Since 2015 through sponsorships and donations, Tristate businesses, and individuals have generously supported Cincinnati Green Beret Classic’s events. Donations raised help fund the Green Beret Foundation’s mission of connecting U. S. Army Special Forces Green Berets and their families with the resources needed for healing from combat injury, illness, loss of life and transition into civilian life. Over the past 17 years of the War on Terror Green Berets have sustained the highest rate of causalities and KIA among Special Operation Forces.  Eighty six cent of every dollar raised on behalf of the Foundation goes directly to mission support. Currently Green Berets are serving in more than 100 countries around the world as America’s ambassadors in uniform.  

We sincerely thank Tristate supporters who “Value the Sacrifice and Contribute to the Healing” of the Green Beret Community. God Bless.

Fran and Jim Wesseling

Cincinnati Green Beret Classic Organizers & Green Beret Foundation Ambassadors

2018 Cincinnati Green Beret Classic

September 9th, 2018


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September 10th, 2018

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Thank you to our
2018 Sponsors

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Hear the Wesseling’s story on how the Green Beret Foundation
helped their son, a wounded warrior.


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4th Annual Cincinnati Green Beret Classic


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