When the situation
is more complicated,
we stay by your side.

Because the healing process is not quick, we are here for the long term. When a brother needs extended assistance, the Green Beret Foundation can provide financial help, advice, and referrals to support the soldier and his family.


The long-term health of a Green Beret’s mind, body, spirit, and family are of the utmost importance to the Foundation. We supplement the care that Veteran’s Affairs (VA) provides to ensure total wellness for the individual and his family. Some examples of how we support our community:

  • Funded Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for TBI and PTSD
  • Laser Nerve Therapies
  • Adaptive and recovery equipment


I was critically wounded in Afghanistan in July of 2011...What I appreciate most about the GBF is its simplicity. No red tape, miles of forms, and paperwork, just how can we help and what do you need. My parents got a check while I was in CCU to help cover expenses for whatever was needed....Thank you isn't enough to express my gratitude to this organization that has helped and supported not only me in my recovery but so many others as well. – SFC Justin Menchaca
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